Interesting Facts About the Organ

Thank you for joining us on the Viscount organ blog! If you’re you’re just joining us on our blog, lately we’ve been discussing a variety of topics including Headphones Do’s and Don’t’s of Digital Organ Playing, as well as the history of hymns and their structure and the many types of organs and more. We […]

Headphones Do’s and Don’ts for Digital Organ Playing

Every digital organ that I have listened to over headphones (of any brand/quality) has sounded drastically different through headphones than through speakers into the room.  This has been my experience with Viscount, Allen, Rodgers, and Walker.  The difference is always significant and surprising.  Organ pipes were never meant to be inserted into the ear and […]

Hymn History & Structure

History The word hymn originates from the Greek word for “a song of praise” and those who write hymns are know as hymnodists. Though there are many hymns from other cultures that have been written, such as those from ancient Egypt and the Jewish tradition, the hymns we will focus on today are those of […]

The Many Types of Organs

Pump Organ Pump organs are one of the most portable early organs and were incredibly popular during the 19th century in small churches and homes. Sound is produced when air moves past a thin piece of metal, called a reed, which vibrates and creates sound. The organ player must continuously use foot pedals to pump […]

Caring For Your Organ

Have you just purchased your first organ or have you had your church organ for a while and are thinking that your instrument may need maintenance? Regardless, where you fall on the spectrum, it’s important that you consider the maintenance that your organ may need, because your instrument will only last and sound as good […]

Viscount North America Hires Technical and Tonal Director

Viscount North America, and everyone at Viscount International welcomes our new Technical and Tonal Director, Robert Darnall of Allentown, PA. Robert comes to us with an extensive personal, educational, and professional background in music, electronics, organs, and the organ industry. He comes to us from a respected organ manufacturer. The new position Robert has is much more comprehensive than just […]

Reasons to Play the Organ

Have you ever considered playing the organ? Why haven’t you? What’s holding you back? Have you always thought of the organ as a “churchy” instrument? Regardless of what your opinion of the organ is, we at Viscount, highly suggest you learn more about this amazing instrument and how to play it! But, why learn to […]

Viscount Organs: Tradition, Passion, and Technology Combined

Church organs are unique instruments. Not only are they centuries old – or, if their origin instruments are considered, millennia old – but they also have endured through western culture ever since their introduction. Organs were and still are central to many churches’ worship services and found their way into secular culture and music, as […]

History of Church Music – Part 2

What qualifies as church music? Where did church music come from and why is it the way it is today? For some, church music is a very familiar aspect of their culture due to their upbringing or lifestyle, but for others, it is not. Regardless of your exposure, music itself has greatly evolved over the […]

History of Church Music

Music has always been closely associated with religion, and the worship of the chosen deity or fundamental belief. The understanding behind the psychology of music and religion is a topic for another time, but should be taken into consideration when thinking about the running history that music and church music have had in tandem. When […]