Physis® Technology vs. Sampled Sound Technology: What’s the difference?

Sampled Sound Technology in our hybrid and digital organs records a sound and stores that information on a hard drive.  Each time you press a key, you are essentially performing the same function of hitting ‘play’ on a tape deck.  When you depress that key, you are hitting ‘stop’.  For as long as you own […]

Play Your Viscount Organ Like A Pro: Practice Like One

Many want to be great at something, but don’t always know how to get there or don’t want to put in the needed effort. Playing your Viscount organ well is a process of self-discipline, dedication, and enjoyment. Here are some tips for practicing your Viscount organ like a pro: Practice Tips for Your Viscount Organ […]

Viscount Organs: Taking the Road Less Traveled

Viscount’s motto is ‘One Family. One Brand.’  This not only signifies our dedication to our valued dealer network as family, but it also clearly states that the Viscount organ brand is everything to this company, and is only as good as the technologies and high-quality products we offer our customers. Clearly, with the creation of […]

North American Viscount Dealers: Just a Phone Call Away

Finding your nearest Viscount organ dealer in North America is easy.  Simply visit our Find a Dealer page and enter your zip code.  If you are in an area of North America without local coverage on the map, give us a call directly. We have many associates throughout the continent who are our brand ambassadors […]

Viscount Organs: The Digital Organ World’s Best Kept Secret

Viscount Organs: The Digital Organ World’s Best Kept Secret Often times, our Viscount organ customers in North America ask why they haven’t heard of Viscount before. Viscount has been one of the largest manufacturers of high–quality digital organs for decades, but has been relatively unknown in North America, especially the US for two reasons: Italians […]

Viscount North America: The Dawn of a New Era in the North American Organ Industry

Viscount North America a division of Viscount International Spa. Viscount North America was formed to better serve churches, individuals, and institutions throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the island nations. We are not a third party Viscount organ distributor.  This helps us keep costs low, while maintaining an ultra high-quality product, and providing 1st […]

The Digital Organ: The Comeback Kid

When you think of popular progressive music, the organ probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind, but it should. The organ is an often forgotten gem and with high-quality traditional organs, and the Viscounts hybrid and digital organs being made and played today, it’s time to join the organ in the spotlight. Organ […]

Evolving the Digital Organ

The evolution of the organ has not been a rapid process, instead it has grown and changed over time thanks to societal tastes and technological limitations throughout the formation of today’s Western Civilization. This gradual, relatively unchanged evolution took a massive spike as technology allowed for digital elements to be included in the classic pipe […]

History of Church Organs

True pipe organs are becoming increasingly rare, largely due to the massive expense associated with their construction, as well as the ease-of-use, repair, and longevity associated with digital church organs in the modern era. Yet, these classical church organs are, without a doubt, an irrefutably large part of what has influenced today’s church culture and […]

Mondaino: Our Home

Viscount organs and electrical instruments have been praised for their quality and craftsmanship, a fact we owe entirely to our home in the comune (municipality) of Mondaino, Italy. While many church and digital organs have long been made in Eastern Europe for lower labor costs, it is our pride that Viscount’s facilities are not located […]