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A Letter from Josh

Dear Organ Industry Professional,

We are reaching out to you as a friend and colleague, not as an adversary. I thought it would be helpful to know Viscount’s plan for North America as you contemplate impending decisions about your business and the products you represent. We admire and respect the quality installations and work many of you have done over the years. While there isn’t room for all of our competitors, the entire team at Viscount wants you to know that Viscount would warmly welcome former and current dealers of other digital organ manufacturers interested in changing their representation. We are also interested in firms working with hybrid and pipe organ installation. You will discover that Physis Technology and our internationally patented pipe digital organ interfaces are far superior and incredibly easy to install.

We at Viscount are excited and determined to continue this path of growth in North America and the eventual domination of this entire market. Feel free to call us at 508-457-6771.


Josh Dove

Reasons Why a Dealer Should Choose Viscount

Viscount is ramping up its efforts to become the leading brand for digital organs in North America, starting with the US. We’re investing heavily to get our name out there. Soon, organists of all levels won’t be able to miss our ads, videos, and social media posts showcasing Viscount’s innovative Physis® technology. This patented technology is constantly evolving and offers a unique playing experience compared to traditional sampled sounds. As a Viscount Dealer and a dealer of our state of the art digital organs, this would certainly help your business in its effort to provide your customers with something not only different but also better.

Why Partner with Viscount?

Not Pushy

At Viscount, we understand the value of a long-term, collaborative partnership. We won't pressure you to meet unrealistic sales quotas. Instead, we focus on providing the resources and support you need to succeed organically.

Defined Territories

We respect your business and want you to thrive. That's why we establish defined territories for our dealers, ensuring you have a protected market to build your customer base and brand reputation.

Advanced Technology

Our industry-leading Physis® technology delivers unparalleled sound quality, true-to-life playing experience, and a vast array of tonal possibilities.

Research & Development

We are continuously investing in research and development to ensure our instruments remain at the pinnacle of innovation. This translates to a constant stream of new features and improvements that keep your customers excited and coming back for more.

Unlimited Support

We don't just sell organs; we become partners in your success. Our dedicated team offers unlimited support, including comprehensive training programs, marketing resources, and ongoing technical assistance. You'll never be left on your own.

Reliable Interfaces

Viscount organs are renowned for their intuitive user interfaces. This makes them easy to learn and use for musicians of all skill levels, expanding your potential customer base and minimizing after-sales support needs.

Viscount Listens

We value your feedback. Viscount maintains open communication channels with our dealers, ensuring your voice is heard and your needs are met. We actively seek your input on product development, marketing strategies, and overall dealer experience.

Large, Diversified Company

Our industry-leading Physis® technology delivers sound quality, true-to-life playing experience, and a vast array of tonal possibilities.

North American Marketing Plan

We are committed to the success of our dealers in North America. We have a dedicated marketing team developing targeted campaigns to generate brand awareness and drive sales directly to your showroom.

What Makes a Great Viscount Organ Dealer

Qualities We Look For in Our Dealers

Passion and Expertise

  • Proven Track Record: A history of successful organ installations, including seamless integration of Viscount organs with external sound systems, demonstrates the dealer’s expertise and their ability to deliver exceptional customer satisfaction.
  • The Voicing Touch: A detail-oriented and meticulous voicer ensures each Viscount organ delivers its full sonic potential, tailored to the specific space and the organist’s preferences.

Building Relationships and Advocacy

  • Strategic Marketing Savvy: An effective marketer understands the local market and leverages various channels to generate interest and drive sales of Viscount organs.
  • Positive Competitor Discourse: A great dealer focuses on the strengths and innovative features of Viscount organs, confidently presenting the value proposition without resorting to negativity about competitors.

Building for the Future

  • Trustworthy and Engaging: An outgoing, loyal, and trustworthy personality fosters positive customer relationships and builds brand loyalty for Viscount.
  • Investing in the Next Generation: Including younger generations in the business demonstrates a commitment to the future and ensures a smooth transition for Viscount’s continued success.
  • Mentorship and Development: The primary dealer actively mentors a younger individual, fostering their knowledge, open-mindedness, and dedication to becoming a future Viscount leader.

The organ industry has a rich history of innovation. Choosing a forward-thinking brand like Viscount ensures your business is aligned with a company committed to pushing boundaries and providing forefront instruments for musicians.

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