We are humbled and honored to have been featured in the December 2016 issue of Music Trades Magazine.  Music Trades is the music industry’s leading insider publication for all musical merchandise companies in the world, and has been published without interruption since 1890.

Music Trades Feature Article Viscount

According to Music Trades…

“With four basic product families [at Viscount], starting with the high-value Chorum series and moving up through the Unico, Sonus, and Ouverture series, there is an organ for every conceivable church application. What the varied products have in common is elegant design, influenced by the centuries-old Italian aesthetic tradition, and cutting-edge technology.”

As ‘Physis® Technology’ and the Viscount brand continues to gain strength in North America and throughout the globe, there have been many changes, shifts, closings, and buyouts with other organ manufacturers in the industry.   Music Trades stated that “Viscount’s focus on pushing the technological envelope is matched by a similar marketing discipline. Rather than assemble a stable of brand names, the company has adopted what Dove calls the “One Family, One Brand” approach. “One family” signifies the importance the company places on its dealer network. “They are our family,” he says. The single brand reflects the Galanti (no affiliation with another organ company that bears that name) family’s pride in the work of past and current employees.”

For the full article, please click HERE.  We feel it is imperative you share this information with your church committees as you look deep into the reasons you are selecting the organ manufacturer to build your church’s next organ.  After all, it’s only the long-term viability and success of your music ministry we’re talking about.  That’s not something we at Viscount take lightly, and it’s the reason we felt the need to make the investment into the future with Physis® Technology.  This investment wasn’t for Viscount.  It was for you.