Hi, and welcome back to the Viscount Organs blog! Today, we’re going back-to-basics, and talking about our organs. Specifically, we’re going to talk about why or when you should invest in a high-quality, timeless Viscount Organs organ console. 

Keep reading to learn more. 

Upgrading Your Organ Console

There are so many reasons why you may want to upgrade your organ console, and they’re all valid! You might have an organ console that’s no longer working as it should. Perhaps, the overall look and feel of your current organ console doesn’t match the energy of your church or concert hall. Maybe, your venue is undergoing some major renovations, and your organ could use a facelift too. Or, maybe you’re just looking to bring some new life to that organ you love so much — no matter your reason, we’re here to help! 

In fact, we can even provide you with a new hybrid pipe organ, console and all! 

Addressing Your Worries

We’re sure you’re wondering, “How could I possibly upgrade my current pipe organ console without ruining or changing my beloved pipes?” And if you are, we’re here to let you know it’s all okay. At Viscount Organs, we know and love pipe organs, and we’re more-than-capable of upgrading your current pipe organ console without needing to alter your current pipe system. That’s right, we can give your pipe organ a facelift, while leaving its beloved insides how you love them. 

How We Do It 

We know, this might all sound too good to be true! But it’s not, in fact, this is actually the result of a business who approaches each and every job as an individual experience, rather than a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all operation. If you choose to work with us to upgrade your pipe organ console, we’re going to work with you, hand-in-hand, to ensure that your needs are first understood, and then met. 

That’s why we can upgrade your current organ console without changing the other components you love about your organ. We take the time to learn the intricacies of your pipe organ, so we can make a new, upgraded pipe organ console that meets your needs and expectations. 

Upgrading The Rest Of Your Organ

While we can only upgrade your pipe organ console while leaving the rest of your organ untouched, we can also upgrade the sound and function of your organ. We can upgrade you to a hybrid organ, or we can also create wholly digital organs, if that’s more your speed.

See, at Viscount Organs, we craft gorgeous, unmatched pipe organ consoles, but we also lead the industry in hybrid and digital organ voice production. We offer our patented Physis® technology in all of our digital and hybrid organs, and can also proudly  provide you with our Laurel Control System, Laurel Digital Voice System, and Laurel V.P.I.(Viscount Pipe Interface). 

As you can see, we’ve developed a plethora of pipe organ voicing technology, and we can ensure that it contributes to creating the pipe organ of your dreams. Whether that means creating a digital voice to compliment and complete the current set of pipes you currently have or it means creating a brand new pipe organ console with a matching digital voice, we can take care of it! The only limit on what we can do comes down to our imagination — and we’ve got quite the imagination! 

Viscount Organs — Make Sure You’re Getting The Best

Many people think that the pipe organ is an instrument of the past, but they’re wrong! The pipe organ is alive and well at Viscount Organs, and we’re always pushing the pipe organ forward and improving the technology behind it. 

Hopefully, this has helped to demystify how you could go about upgrading your pipe organ console with Viscount Organs. If you’re interested in learning more or getting started with Viscount Organs, check out this intro to our Physis® technology, or please contact us today! We’ll be happy to get started with you on your pipe organ adventure.