In the past year, Viscount North America and our new Tonal Director, Robert Darnall, and the entire Viscount International R&D Lab, has been working hard to create additional enhanced voice models for the American Organ Market.  As anyone trained in the field of organ voicing, building, and design knows, it’s not just about having excellent sounding stops, but also about having a total organ ensemble that are carefully voiced and selected to work with one another in perfect harmony.  With this new UNICO 300a voicing, we have taken that to an unprecedented level.

We encourage anyone with a UNICO 300a to follow the detailed instructions, and call Technical Services at 484-857-1174 should you have any questions.  You’ll need a Physis® Editor Key in order to complete the voicing upgrade.  A key can be purchased through your Viscount North America Authorized Dealer or through Viscount North America Technical Services.

If you don’t already have a Viscount Organ with Physis® Technology, this is a perfect example of why having one would be a good idea for your church. Our computers, smartphones, smartwatches, televisions, and even automobiles accept performance-enhancing updates these days, so why not your organ?  Well with Viscount, you’ll get just that. It’s a digital organ that actually sounds better, works better, and gets new features throughout time.  It’s why Viscount is truly ‘Your Organ. Your Sound™’.

Follow the steps below, and be prepared to experience sonic bliss!

  1. Make sure you have a Physis® Editor Key
  2. Download the latest Physis® Editor to your PC and update your Viscount UNICO 300a to the latest available O.S. by visiting our global corporate support page
  3. Download the UNICO 300a American Voicing Kit
  4. Follow the Unico 300a New Factory American Style Instructions

If you’d prefer to just do the playing, feel free to call your authorized Viscount North America Dealer and hire them to take care of this for you.  They’ll have you up and running in no time!