Why Are Organs Used in Churches?

Church organs are one of the most iconic features in churches across the world. But why are they there? What purpose do they serve? In today's blog post from Viscount Organs, we will explore the history and significance of church organs. We will also discuss why they are such an important part of church architecture and worship. Keep reading to learn more, and contact Viscount Organs to find an organ dealer near you.


Dynamic Range

Church organs have a much greater dynamic range than other instruments. This means that they can produce a wider range of sounds, from very soft to very loud. This makes them perfect for accompanying hymns and prayers. Organs were originally used to announce church services to the community. They would play loud tunes that could be heard from far away, which is also why church organs are often located near the entrance of the church.

No Amplification Needed

Church organs don't need any additional amplification. Their sound is produced by pipes that are housed inside the church. The sound waves travel through the air and are amplified on their own by the church's architecture. Most churches that have a pipe organ for worship have high ceilings that help amplify the music being played during worship.


Improved Harmonies

Another reason that organs are used in churches is that church organs can produce a wider range of harmonies than other instruments. This means that they can create more complex and beautiful sounding chords. This makes church organs an important part of church worship. Church organs have been playing an important role in church architecture and worship for centuries. They provide a unique sound that cannot be replicated by any other instrument and are associated with churches and worship more than anything else.

Ability to Change Sounds, Pitch, & Volume

Church organs can also change their sound, pitch, and volume. This means that they can be used to create a wide variety of sounds depending on the type of music being played. This also allows church organists to adapt their playing styles to fit the specific needs of each worship service.

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