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Do you believe in music and the art of sound like us? Are you in dire need of a beautiful organ that produces an authentic sound? Then you have come to the right place. Viscount Organs has everything you need, ranging from a wide variety of organs to accessories.

Hybrid Organs

Hybrid organs are precisely what you may think they are — a combination of a digital organ with a pipe organ. Hybrid organs hold many advantages, a main one being that digital organ consoles are typically much cheaper than traditional pipe organs. These have become much smaller and more compact without compromising sound. We have created a special device known as the Viscount Pipe Interface (V.P.I for short), which allows for the perfect integration between electronic organs and pipe organs so you can still produce that bold, classic sound with a hybrid organ. Viscount Organs has the knowledge, experience, and ability to build any combination of hybrid organs as well as the ability to service them.

Pipe Organs

Traditional, monumental, elegant, and breathtaking, pipe organs are the original organ. There are hundreds of pipe organs still in use around the world today, most notably in large cathedrals around Europe. The maintenance of pipe organs can be immense. They are quite complex musical instruments, but the technology and development of pipe organs has advanced significantly over the past 100 years. Viscount Organs has been around for all of it, which means we not only know the best pipe organs for your space, but we also know how to upkeep them so they can continue to produce a magnificent sound.

Physis Technology

Physis Technology has allowed us to combine the iconic sound of pipe organs with the convenience of modern audio systems. The sound becomes symbiotic and you’ll be shocked at how realistic any organ console can sound. Our Research and Development team at Viscount Organs has created Physis as a new state of the art technology with incredible algorithms to produce the complex sound that you can generate with pipe organs. All of our organs use Physis Technology to magnify the sound, but also to open up the musical possibilities for organists around the world. You can watch several videos that we’ve created that explain Physis and how it interacts with different organ consoles.

Organ Repair and Service

Viscount Organs has been manufacturing and servicing organs for over 100 years. We’re experts in this industry which makes us the number one choice for organ repair and service. Viscount Organs is here to solve all of your organ problems and provide you with legitimate church organs and instruments. We are here to ease the hassle in your life with incredible service. Get in touch to find out more about us!

Viscount Organs makes it easy for you to get the best organ for your desires and the greatest service for all of your needs. Whether you’re a church organist or play at home for your own joy, we all share a great love of organs, which is why you can trust us to share that love in everything we do. View our organs now!