When you invest in a high-quality musical instrument, keeping it clean, working well, and in peak condition is top of mind so your instrument lasts for years to come. At Viscount Organs, we understand that our instruments are an investment and an integral part of music production for many organizations, which is why we’re here to help Viscount Organ owners understand how to care for and clean their instruments! Keep reading to learn more about vital information for cleaning your Viscount Organ.

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What Your Organ is Made From

One of the most important parts of keeping your Viscount Organ clean is understanding what materials were used to create your organ. You should be able to find this information in the purchase guides and paperwork that came with your organ purchase, but if you’re not sure, you can always contact our customer support department to learn this information. Once you know what materials your organ is made of, you can clean it more thoroughly using safe cleaning methods.

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Use Soft Materials 

Next, it’s important to be sure that you only use soft materials on your organ! When cleaning, you’ll want to start out by wiping down the surfaces of your instrument to clear them of any dust, dirt, or debris. When doing this, use cloth made of materials like microfiber or similar textures to ensure that you don’t scratch or harm the varnish and finishes on your instrument.

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No Chemicals or Soaps

Remember that not all soaps and cleaning products are made equally, and most of them are too harsh or abrasive for cleaning your instrument! If you must disinfect your Viscount Organ, the best option is to utilize a mild cleaner that’s been diluted with water to ensure that you don’t damage your organ’s varnish, finishes, or any other components.

Contact Us For Help or Service!

At Viscount Organ, we stand by our instruments and want to ensure that every one of them is serviced, cleaned, and updated to provide the best performance possible for our customers. Whether your Viscount Organ is older and needs an in-depth service or it’s newer and you just need some tips on cleaning, we’re here to help. Contact our tech support team for help!

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