What Environment Does An Organ Perform Best In?

keys on an organ

A pipe organ is an instrument that creates sound through a series of pipes, all controlled by a complex system of valves and levers. Due to the unique design and construction of a pipe organ — which is similar to a large piano — it requires a specific environment to perform at its best. In […]

Organ Maintenance: Must Knows Of Cleaning Your Viscount Organ


When you invest in a high-quality musical instrument, keeping it clean, working well, and in peak condition is top of mind so your instrument lasts for years to come. At Viscount Organs, we understand that our instruments are an investment and an integral part of music production for many organizations, which is why we’re here […]

The History Of The Viscount Organ

The viscount organ is one of the most iconic and recognizable musical instruments in the world. It’s a unique blend of technology and artistry, combining cutting-edge digital technology with the traditional sounds of a classic organ. At Viscount North America, we bring tradition and craftsmanship to the modern age, by combining our expertise in creating […]

Famous Organists: Jean Langlais

Hi there! Welcome back to our favorite blog series on famous organists! We appreciate the interest and readership of these blogs. It’s truly inspiring to know that people are interested in learning about the amazing lives of the people who made the pipe organ what it is today.  Today, we’ll be once again discussing a […]

Famous Organists: Dieterich Buxtehude

Welcome back to the Viscount Organs blog series where we look into the lives and legacies of amazing pipe organists who have influenced the culture of pipe organ music. Today, we’ll be travelling back to the amazing Baroque period to take a look at the life of organist, Dieterich Buxtehude.  The Mysterious Life And Times […]

Famous Organists: Jehan Alain

Jehan Alain is the focus of this Famous Organists blog. Although his life wasn’t long, he achieved many a musical accomplishment, and died a heroic death in World War II. Keep reading to learn more! A Family of Organists Born into the Alain family on February 11, 1911, Jehan Alain was the son of the […]

Famous Organists: Albert Schweitzer

Albert Schweitzer was a man of many titles. Although he’s recognized as a Nobel Laureate, theologian, philosopher, and a musician (just to name a few), here at Viscount Organs, we’re most excited about this polymath’s reputation as an organist, as well as his impact on organ culture.  In this blog, we’ll be continuing our series […]

The Legend Series: Paying Homage to Tonewheel Organs

The Hammond Organ was the world’s first introduction to tonewheel organs — and at that, electronic organs — in 1935. Quickly rising in popularity, Hammond Organs became the go-to organs for their portability, affordability, and amazing sound, becoming a legend in the history of organs. It’s because of its prolific effect on organs and electronic […]

The American Guild Of Organists

At the beginning of this month, Viscount Organs was thrilled to be a featured part of the 2018 National American Guild of Organists Convention. As always, the convention was a smash hit, and to thank our gracious hosts, we thought we would take a few moments to talk about the Guild, its mission, history, and […]

Interesting Facts About the Organ – Part 5

It’s been a while since we’ve done a blog on interesting organ facts, so we thought we’d revisit the topic with a brand new set of fun facts! The pipe organ has been an object of fascination for hundreds, nearly thousands of years. In that time, the instrument has changed shape, purpose, and preferences. So […]